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 The company was founded in 1984, after nearly 30 years of development, now has grown into a company with more than 600 employees, annual output value 200 million yuan of yinzhou district "double fifty engineering" high-tech development enterprises. Company is mainly engaged in all kinds of cooler, radiator inter-cooled, gasoline, such as hydraulic oil radiator production, has a complete set of product design, development, test, manufacture ability. Company regards product quality as enterprise life, in order to create the future of the enterprise ...


Chiller condenser of four parts to explain in detail: any match the condenser of a cold water machine, use a long time, the performance will gradually decline, the result will make the system of conde...

As the refrigerator compressor structure, size, speed and refrigerant, is determined, can change the unit operating condition To evaporation temperature, and the condensation temperature Tk. However, ...

Advantage of circulating water cooler in the application of laser equipment: (1) circulating water cooling method can save a lot of precious water resources; (2) using deionized water or distilled wat...

Now many of the senior high-power diesel engine or gasoline engine with oil radiator, whose function is: warm cold start the car, the oil radiator absorbs heat from the cooling water, the oil temperat...



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